MTP Multimode 50/125 OM5 Optic Patch Cord

Short Description:

Raw Materials: Corning Or YOFC fiber, Us kevlar

Fiber Mode: Multimode 50/125 OM5

Length: Customized Length

Cable Diameter: 3mm

Cable Colors: Orange or Customized

Using Life: 20 Years


Lead Time: 3 days

Country of Origin: China

Product Detail

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Product Description

MTP terminated cables are widely used in high density cabling environments like data centers. Traditional, tight-buffered multi-fibre cable needs to have each fiber individually terminated by a skilled technician. MTP cable which carries multiple fibers, comes pre-terminated. Factory terminated MTP connectors commonly have either 8fiber, 12 fiber or 24 fiber array.

MTP is a brand name for manufactured by US Conec. It conforms to MPO specs. MTP stands for “Multi-fiber Termination Push-on” connector. MTP connectors are engineered for high mechanical and optical specs. Some of these features are covered by patents. To the naked eye, there is very little difference between the two connectors. In cabling they are compatible with each other.

The MTP connector can be either male or female. You can tell the male connector by the two alignment pins protruding from the end of the ferrule. MTP female connectors will have holes in the ferrule to accept the alignment pins from the male connector.

MTP Multimode OM5 50/125μm Fiber Optic Patch Cord, a cost-effective alternative to time-consuming field termination, is designed for high-density fiber patching in data centers which need space saving and reduce cable management troubles. With US Conec MTP® connectors and Corning fiber or YOFC fiber, it is optimized for 10/40/100G high-density data center applications.

Product Specification

Connector MTP Fiber Count 8, 12, 24
Fiber Mode OM5 50/125μm Wavelength 850/1300nm
Trunk Diameter 3.0mm Polish Type UPC Or PC
Gender/Pin Type Female or Male Polarity Type Type A, Type B, Type C
Insertion Loss ≤0.35dB Return Loss ≥30dB
Cable jacket LSZH, PVC (OFNR), Plenum (OFNP) Cable Color Orange, Yellow, Aqua, Purple, Violet Or Customized
Fiber Count 8Fiber/12Fiber/24Fiber/36Fiber/48Fiber/72Fiber/96Fiber/144Fiber Or Customized

Product Features

● Used to connect equipment that utilizes MTP style connectors and OM5 50/125μm Multimode cabling

● Type A, Type B and Type C Polarity Options available

● Each cable 100% tested for low insertion loss and Return loss

● Customized lengths and cable colors available

● OFNR (PVC), Plenum(OFNP) and Low-Smoke, Zero Halogen(LSZH)

Rated options

● Reduced Insertion Loss by up to 50%

● High Durability

● High Temperature Stability

● Good Exchangeability

● High Density design cuts down on installation costs


Jumper cables are used to make the final connection from patch panels to transceivers, or they are used in the centralised cross connect as a means of connecting two independent backbone links. Jumper cables are available with LC connectors or MTP connectors depending on whether the infrastructure is serial or parallel. Generally, jumper cables are short length assemblies because they only connect two devices within the same rack, however in some cases jumper cables can be longer, such as "middle of row" or "end of row" distribution architectures.

RAISEFIBER manufactures jumper cables which are optimised for the "in-rack" environment. Jumper cables are smaller and more flexible than conventional assemblies and connectivity is designed to allow highest packing density and easy, fast access. All of our jumper cables contain bend optimised fiber for enhanced performance under tight bending conditions, and our connectors are colour coded and identified based on base type and fiber type.


• Colour coded connector boots by fiber-count

• Ultra compact cable diameter

• Bend optimised fiber and flexible construction

• Available as Base-8, -12 or Base-24 types

• Robust construction

MTP Connector Type

MTP Connector Type

MTP® Connector Color Options

OM5 Lime Green
MTP-MTP Multimode OM5

MTP to MTP Multimode OM5 50/125 Fiber Optic Patch Cord

MTP OM5 Multimode Breakout Cable

MTP to LC/UPC Duplex Multimode OM5 50/125 Breakout Fiber Optic Patch Cord

OM5 Supports Multiple Wavelengths and Further Distance

OM5 wideband multimode fiber (WBMMF) is fully backwards compatible with OM3 and OM4, and it is designed for short wavelength division multiplexing (SWDM) from 850nm to 953nm.

OM5 Supports Multiple Wavelengths and Further Distance

Achieving 40G/100G Transmission

OM5 can transmit 100G using just two fibers rather than the eight required for a typical parallel fiber application.

Achieving 40G 100G Transmission

Superior Workmanship of the MTP®/MPO Trunk Cables


US Conec Proven Connector

0.35dB Max. IL

0.15dB Typ. IL

Ultra low IL guarantees stable and fast network transmission.

Compliant with the MPO standards, surviving 1000 mate/demates.

MTP to LC Breakout Fiber Cable

Polarity A

Polarity A

Polarity B

Polarity B

Polarity Type


In this polarity, the fiber 1 (blue) is terminated in hole 1 in each connector and so on. This polarity is often referred to as STRAIGHT THROUGH.



In this polarity, the fibers are reversed. The fiber number 1 (blue) is terminated in 1 and 12, fiber number 2 is terminated in 2 and 11. This polarity is often referred to as CROSSOVER and is commonly used in 40G applications. This is commonly used with type B mating as mentioned in the next section.



In this polarity, the fibers are divided into 6 pairs which are reversed. They are intended to be used with prefab cabling systems which will connect to breakouts (cables or modules) individual 2-fiber channels.


MTP Adaptor Mating


MTP Type A Mating Adapters mate the connectors with the key of one connector in one direction and the key of the other in the opposite direction called KEYUP TO KEYDOWN. This key alignment means that pin 1 of one connector is aligned with pin 1 of the other connector, providing a straight through connection for each fiber – e.g. blue to blue, orange to orange, all the way to aqua to aqua. This means fiber color codes are maintained through the connection.



MTP Type B Mating Adapters align the two connectors key to key or KEYUP TO KEYUP and swap the color codes of the fibers, similar to what happens in a Type B cable. Swapping fibers is necessary for aligning fibers for a 40G transceiver.


Custom Fiber Count

Custom Fiber Count

Factory Real Pictures

Factory Real Pictures

Packing & Shipping


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