LC/SC/MTP/MPO Single Mode Fiber Loopback Module

Short Description:

Fiber Mode: OS1/OS2 9/125μm

Using Life: 3 Years Warranty & 30-Day Easy Return

Fiber Mode: OM1 62.51/125μm/OM2 50/125μm

Color: Grey, Aqua or customized


Lead Time: 3 days

Country of Origin: China

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Product Description

Fiber loopback cables can be classified by the connector types, such as LC, SC, MTP, MPO. These fiber optic loopback plug connectors are compliant to IEC, TIA/EIA, NTT and JIS specifications.

Fiber Loopback Module is designed to provide a media of return patch for a fiber optic signal. Typically it is used for fiber optic testing applications or network restorations.For the testing applications, the loopback signal is used for diagnosing a problem. Sending a loopback test to network equipment, one at a time, is a technique for isolating a problem.

MTP/MPO Loopback modules are used widely within testing environment especially within parallel optics 40/100G networks. Devices allow verification and testing of transceivers featuring MTP/MPO interface – 40GBASE-SR4 QSFP+ or 100GBASE-SR4 devices. Loopbacks are built to link Transmitter (TX) and Receivers (RX) positions of MTP/MPO transceivers interfaces. MTP/MPO loopbacks can facilitate and speed up IL testing of optical networks segments by connecting them to MTP/MPO trunks/patch leads.

Fiber Loopback Module is abosolutely an economical solution for a number of fiber optic test applications.

Product Specification

Fiber type OS1/OS2 9/125μm Fiber connector LC/SC/MTP/MPO
Return loss SM≥50dB Insertion loss SM≤0.3dB
Jacket material PVC (Yellow) Insert-pull test 500times, IL<0.5dB
Operation temperature -20 to 70°C(-4 to 158°F)

Product Features

● Used to Test Applications with Single Mode 9/125μm
● UPC Polish
● 6 Inches
● Duplex
● Ceramic Ferrules
● Low Insertion Loss for Accuracy
● Corning Fiber & YOFC Fiber
● Immune to Electrical Interference
● 100% Optically Inspected and Tested for Insertion Loss

SC/UPC Single Mode Duplex 9/125μm PVC (OFNR) Fiber Loopback Module

SC Single Mode Loopback-1
SC Single mode Loopback-2

LC/UPC Single Mode Duplex 9/125μm Fiber Loopback Module

LC Single Mode Loopback-1
LC Single Mode Loopback-2

MTP/MPO Female Singlemode 9/125 Fiber Loopback Module Type 1

MTP MPO Single Mode Loopback-1
MTP MPO Single Mode Loopback-2

LC Multimode Fiber Loopback Module

LC Multimode Fiber Loopback Module

① Dustproof Function

Every Loopback Module is equipped with two small dust caps, which is convenient to protect it from pollution.

Dustproof Function

② Internal Configuration

Equipped with a LC Loopback cable inside, it supports the test of transceivers featuring LC interface.

Internal Configuration

③ External Configuration

Equipped with a black enclosure to protect the optical cable, and the looped space is reduced for an easier usage and economic package.

External Configuration

④ Energy Saving

Complying with the RJ-45 style interface. Having a low insertion loss, low back reflection and high precision alignment.

Energy Saving

Application in Data Center

Collocated with 10G or 40G or 100G LC/UPC interface transceivers

Application in Data Center

Performance Test

Performance Test

Production Pictures

Production Pictures

Factory Pictures

Factory Real Pictures


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