MTP/MPO 8/12/24 Fibers Single Mode/Multimode Black Fiber Optic Adapter/Coupler

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Product Name: MTP/MPO 8/12/24 Fibers Single Mode/Multimode Black Fiber Optic Adapter/Coupler with Flange, Key Up to Down


Using Life: 20 Years


Lead Time: 3 days

Country of Origin: China

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Fiber optic adapters (also known as Fiber couplers, Fiber Adapter ) are designed to connect two optical cables together. They have a single fiber connector (simplex), dual fiber connector (duplex) or sometimes four fiber connector (quad) versions. The optical fiber adapter can be inserted into different types of optical connectors at both ends of the optical fiber adapter to realize the conversion between different interfaces such as FC, SC, ST, LC, MTRJ, MPO and E2000, and is widely used in optical fiber distribution frames (ODFs) Instruments, providing superior, stable and reliable performance.
The optical fibers are connected by an adapter through its internal open bushing to ensure the maximum connection between the optical connectors. In order to be fixed in a variety of panels, the industry also designed a variety of finely fixed flange.

Transformable optical adapters are available with fiber optic connectors of different interface types on both ends and provide a connection between APC faceplates. Duplex or multi-adapter adapts to increase installation density and save space.

The MPO / MTP adapter is connected using an MPO / MTP Precise connection of two guide holes with a diameter of 0.7mm and a guide pin on the left and right ends of the ferrule. MPO / MTP adapters are widely used in communication system base stations, optical fiber distribution frames (ODFs) in building rooms, MPO / MTP cassette module, and various test instruments. And The black colored MTP/MPO adapter has two types as key-up to key-down and key-up to key-up. It provides the connection between cable to cable or cable to equipment in the MTP/MPO style. It works for any MTP Connector from 4 fiber to 72 fiber, widely used in trunk cabling and cassettes. This adapter meets appropriate standards and is perfect for your parallel optics and MTP adapter needs.

Product Specification

Connector Type  MTP/MPO Keyway Opposed (Up-Down)
Adapter Port Single Footprint SC
Fiber Mode Single Mode/ Multimode Fiber Count 8/12/24
Insertion Loss ≤0.35dB Durability 1000 times
Flammability Rate UL94-V0 Working Temperature -25~70°C

Product Features

● Reduced Insertion Loss by up to 50%
● Lightweight and durable plastic housings
● Each adapter 100% tested for low insertion loss
● High Durability
● High Temperature Stability
● Good Exchangeability
● High Density design cuts down on installation costs

MTP/MPO 8/12/24 Fibers Single Mode/Multimode Fiber Optic Adapter/Coupler


Good Protection with Dust Cap

The fiber optic adapter is loaded with corresponding dust cap to prevent it from dust and keep it clean.

Good Protection with Dust Cap

Opposed Off-center Key Orientation

Configured with an opposed off-center key orientation, meaning that the connectors are key-up to key-down.

Opposed Off-center Key Orientation

Simply Connecting Two MTP/MPO

Achieving precision alignment to connect MTP/MPO fiber cables of male (pinned) and female (pinless) connectors.

Simply Connecting Two MTP

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